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The EDI Online Community is an initiative designed to support the development of young professionals and students in the areas of economics, business and politics which are based on the life and teachings of Jesus. We believe that the best way to fight against unhealthy rivalry among and within nations is to establish an economic and political community based on the principles of Jesus.

Principles like integrity, moral leadership, service to the community, a focus on the poorest and their needs, faith, and transparency can help combat corruption, selfishness, youth hopelessness, debilitating unemployment, and abject poverty. Our hope is that when these experiences and principles are applied, they will end up changing and developing the world, not just in terms of economic growth, but through the creation of a community of leaders committed to good economics and politics and most importantly, to each other.

Come join us!

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EDI is sponsored by the ECPM, Vacaville Rotary, Lake Forest Rotary, Zagreb Metropolitan Rotary and other private donors.