Middle East

EDI Confer­ence in Israel

2nd-4th MAY 2019

Israel and its surroundings are one of the most volatile regions in the world.  There are many peace initiatives in the Middle East, but lasting peace has been elusive. EDI recognizes the volatility but seeks peace through other non-traditional means.  It hopes to be a gathering where young leaders from different ethnic groups and religions can come together, build friendships, learn how to be people of integrity in business and politics and work together for peace and prosperity in their region. This is a project about building bridges, not physical but those that will hopefully last for generations with much stronger foundations.


Corruption, poverty and ethnic conflict still persists in the Middle East. While there is currently relative calm in Israel, Jordan, Palestinian Territories and Lebanon in many cases, corruption, unemployment and strife have only gotten worse.  Corruption has influenced politics, and business relationships between Israelis and Arabs should be strengthened. 

Inspiring Hope

EDI seeks to show another way, especially through those who have been successful without compromising their values. Drawing on EDI’s 13 years of experience and its spread across several nations, it aims to build strong foundations in the Middle East for future peace and prosperity.  It also seeks to combat corruption, poverty and conflict by showing that there is an alternative way to do politics and economics by engaging rather than avoiding.  One can accomplish peace through reaching out economically and politically.  Showing that peace with integrity can help end poverty in the region.


through servant leadership, inspiring, encouraging, mentoring, teaching


equipping, team building, entrepreneurship, planning


your dreams, your passions, your calling


with each other, your community, society, and public policy

Besides the themes outlined in H.O.P.E above, speakers will communicate the following:

  1. Having hope, servant leadership
  2. Public policy
  3. Next steps - engaging in your work/career successfully as a believer
  4. Social entrepreneurship
  5. Hope for the future – for you, for others around you, for society, for Israel and the Middle East

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Participants: 30-40 young professionals from the business world, the political sector and the field of social work. Register now to save your spot!

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Main sponsor: SGP party of the Netherlands