Short background

2005 - 2019

EDI has been in existence for 13 years now, as a two week forum for young leaders in Fuzine, Croatia and three years as a weekend forum for professionals in the area of business, politics and economics in Transylvania, Romania, in Tirana, Albania, in San Jose, Costa Rica, in Novi Sad, Serbia and in California in the US. Over 700 participants have attended one of these gatherings over the years.


The vision of EDI came about in the summer of 2005 in Fuzine, Croatia. Having been a part of a program there to promote peace and reconciliation following the Balkan war, now with relative peace in the Region, I and my friend from began wondering how to create a place where the principles of Jesus learned through this program could be applied in pragmatic ways. I was then living and working in Croatia and married into a Croatian family so it is interesting to note that this friend was Serbian, a natural enemy.

We were both part of a peace and reconciliation program and wanted to know how to strengthen the relatively new peace in the region and go further to bring an end to corruption, bring hope to youth who were fleeing the region because of high unemployment, and to serve the poor and excluded groups in the region. We wanted to connect young leaders to make a change, to follow Jesus in their life by serving the most needy, and construct a better future. We specifically wanted to do this in areas related to economic diplomacy and integrity; economics, politics, and business with integrity, friendship and peace. We also wanted to give them practical tools such as business plan writing, communications, negotiations, and practical advice and mentorship from local and international business people, lawyers, politicians and other professionals that operated with integrity. These practical tools were missing from their mostly theoretical academics (a product of their top-down communist past). Out of the ashes of war and the aftermath of conflict, EDI was created.


through servant leadership, inspiring, encouraging, mentoring, teaching


equipping, team building, entrepreneurship, planning


your dreams, your passions, your calling


with each other, your community, society, and public policy


Jesus’s principles like integrity, moral leadership, service to the community, a focus on the poorest and their needs, faith, and transparency can help combat corruption, selfishness, youth hopelessness, debilitating unemployment, and abject poverty.  Our hope is that when these experiences and principles are applied, they will end up changing and developing the Region, not just in terms of economic growth, but through the creation of a community of leaders committed to good economics and politics and most importantly, to each other.


In our EDI network we have over 700 people who have attended the EDI Forum in Croatia or the extended weekend EDI Forums in Romania, Albania, and Costa Rica. Those attending EDI in Israel would be integrated in our networks and would continue to positively influence family, friends and institutions/networks they currently lead or would create. Concretely they would hopefully start new businesses, have new insight on integrity in their current work place, make practical differences among the poor and needy, and have hope that they can make a difference in their country’s economic and political system.

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